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Codes, Keys, Closets & Intercom

Posted By on Apr 18, 2021

Trash Can Codes—1980 Pedestrian Gate Codes—#1967 (RESIDENTS) and #1955 (VENDORS) Driveway Gate Code—2025 (RESIDENTS ONLY) Utility Lockbox Code—1963   KEYS There are four HOA key rings—each containing copies of the same three keys. They are held by: 1) HOA President 2) HOA Vice President 3) HOA Secretary/Treasurer 4) All Bella Vida Residents—inside the lockbox located on the doors of the rear utility close on the 4329 building...

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Owner Communication

Posted By on Sep 28, 2019

OWNER & TENANT CONTACT INFO  Use the following emails to send emails to the entire group:   OWNERS ONLY: OWNERS & TENANTS:

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How to Reset the Fire Alarm

Posted By on Jul 18, 2019

Open the lockbox located on the closet with the double doors at the back of the 4329 building (the combination is 1963) Get the key and open the single door Locate the red fire alarm box on the wall directly in front of you On the right side of the box, up toward the top, is a small button—press it and the alarm is reset Close the utility closet door (it automatically locks) Put the key back in the lock box If the alarm continues to...

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Graffiti & Loitering Control

Posted By on Oct 24, 2018

TO REPORT GRAFFITI Get It Done app iTunes Google Play Get It Done Website Call City of San Diego Street Division at 619.527.7500 In addition to reporting to the city, text Oscar (owner of the taquito restaurant) who will help resolve the issue at (619) 990-1218‬. TO REPORT OVERFLOWING TRASH/ILLEGAL DUMPING Get It Done app iTunes Google Play Get It Done Website Call City of San Diego Environmental Services Dept at 858.694.7000 Email...

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